Repost:There are more news headlines about gay marriage than gay marriages

This is according to the American Community Survey, which can’t be considered a conservative bastion by anyone anywhere.  Even with massive incentives to round up or estimate high, the ACS could only find about 500k gay and lesbian “marriages” in the United States.  The actual number of legal marriages or civil unions is around 200k, or about 4k per state for all 50 states.  The number with children is even fewer, around 100k, even though the ACS does “round up” here for all practical purposes by not separating out children acquired during the union from children brought along via a previous (heterosexual) relationship.  Even with that maximization tactic, “gaymarried with kids” is a pathetically infinitesimal number of couples.  Because gays are not even 2% of the general population.

Gay people don’t want to marry.  They are, for all statistical purposes, uninterested in being married to anyone and they are certainly not interested in lifelong monogamous marriage, as evidenced by cases in Texas where gays were whining that they took their marriages so seriously that Texas needed to let them have gay divorces.  Texas in at least one case argued that they could have an annulment rather than a divorce or stay gaymarried and work it out.  Somehow this proved Texas was a bastion of homophobia.  Funny how that works.

Surveys of gays repeatedly show that they want to cohabit or identify as married at a maximum ceiling of about 20%, with half that being more typical, and that is not necessarily monogamous (although such surveys tend to not ask about that, as it is inconvenient to the advocacy for gay marriage that gays aren’t serious about that whole “two people in wuv, just of the same sex” thing).  Gays are in fact different in their desires.  They don’t want lifelong monogamous unions with kids.  They don’t even want monogamous unions.  And they definitely don’t want kids harshing their game.

You have to consider that 100k figure in light of the total number of gays, which, being generous, tops out around 9 million in the United States.  200k gay people out of 9 million is… a statistical rounding error.  Now here is where gay marriage advocates want to jump in with some other country’s gay marriage rates, but it’s the same everywhere else, including places that have had gay marriage in place for nearly a generation.  About 5% of the civil marriages is the ceiling, not the floor when it comes to gaymarriage.  And that is initially, when the pent-up demand from narcissistic gay Boomers and Silents is flowing.  Once they’ve checked that box of approval, the rates drop to more like 2-3% of the civil marriages.

That’s the math we’re really dealing with here.  A trivial, pathetically small number of mostly Boomer and Silent gays who require official civil recognition of their sexual preferences because they remain the Me Generation.  The reality that gays donwanna marry is why it serves as such an ingenious proxy for status wars.  If gays really wanted to marry, the propaganda wouldn’t be so intense and abrasive.  It wouldn’t need to be.  That is the real difference between it and interracial marriage.  Laws were passed against interracial marriage because people were marrying and having kids together within wedlock interracially.  There were no laws passed against gay marriage because nobody was doing it and gays can’t have children together.

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