The merits of properly liberal education.

Define it and explain why it’s important  and why it got tied to a career, it is certainly not because it proves you can show up reliably for 4 years.

A properly liberal education is important and it is beyond my tired self today to explain how it got tied to a career and college attendance (the oddly common view among conservatives that “college proves you can show up for four years” is not why).  So I will link to a not-great essay advocating for basic universal income but lamenting the lack of status currently attached to the life of the mind.

The essay isn’t perfect, but it touches well-enough on some of the relevant aspects of liberal education to be worth saving the link so, so that’s what I am doing for future reference.  Read it and let me know what you think of the approach that author takes.


One thought on “The merits of properly liberal education.

  1. I’ve given this a bit of thought since reading it yesterday. And while the idealist in me wants to see how it could work, the cynic doesn’t see how it could ever be a real solution to what ails our educational and economic systems.

    Still mulling thoughts.


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