It’s the little greed that kills.

Just a quickie about how it’s the small relatively low paying but easy/fun/flexible work situations that are eating up all our money collectively, not so much the Wall Streeters (although they are certainly getting their percentage out of it all).  This is an example.  That article is about government work as a family business, with several family members working easy government jobs after one person scored one and then got more family members jobs and feeling very entitled to their pensions precisely because those pensions aren’t six-figure ones.  And yes, everyone involved is white.  I often see the meme even in the mainstream right wing that this sort of behavior is limited to, well, non-whites and that whites would never engage in such blatant nepotism when working government jobs.  It’s funny how people don’t know their own history sometimes.

Another example is ripped from the pages of my life.  I pay “nanny taxes” and there was a discrepancy between what I told the IRS and what the state-level government told the IRS (spoiler alert, my records were the accurate ones).  The particular discrepancy happens very, very, very frequently.  It happens so often there is a guy whose sole job is to deal with this discrepancy.  Wisely, he takes generous paid leave during tax season, the only time of year anyone will receive notice of this discrepancy en masse.  The other 11 months he only has to deal with it for people who file quarterly, which is not that many people for this particular thing and of course spread out quarterly.

So two more paid full time positions staffed by amiable young women have been generated to do this guy’s job one month out of the year.  I have no idea what they do the other 11 months.  Three full time government jobs (60k/yr) with generous paid leave and excellent benefits and modest pensions of perhaps 25-30k/year in retirement.  All for a known problem that could be fixed with a very minor change to the state-level government’s workflow.

But then three white people, two of them women, would lose their easy desk jobs.  This is as corrosive in its way as any welfare mama (who of course provides a half dozen easy desk jobs for nice white people all on her own).  But nobody ever speaks out about the epidemic of makework jobs that whites hold when complaining about Wall Street beating up Main Street.  It is doing that, but Main Street is own goaling by encouraging bureaucracy without regard to whether it truly serves the citizenry, only whether it’s got flex hours and health benefits and a pension.



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    • Most of my remaining drafts are old outlines, so not really suited to incorporating current events. I do have (still more!) drafts left about housewife drudging and baby mania among conservatives, so I might mention the fallout with the Duggars. But I only knew about them at all from their fans and their detractors. Never saw the show and frequently have had to look up the wife’s and husband’s names because I could never remember them.

      They are very unhistorical though, it’s not usual to have so little help with that many. Even pregnant-at-14 Appalachians weren’t like that, and it comes out about as bad for them too even with more female relatives around than what the Duggars had. I thought about mentioning the higher frequency of incest in families of 10+ in my post about how that’s not very natalist, but decided against it. A “factory system” where the mother’s work simply being pregnant and nursing is taken as her entire full time work and there’s a lot of paid help and relatives like what you see in Tolstoi’s work, or among the earlier generations of Puritans in the pre-USA is pretty much the only way to have 15 kids or whatever and have a low risk of what happened with the Duggars. Mom and an aunt, maybe also gramma and waiting for daughters to grow up is not enough.


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