Viking masculinity and the evolution of Scandinavian feminism

Viking men were so masculine they were totally relaxed about the fact that their women could beat up the men of other, lesser races. I am exaggerating a little for effect, but the simpler theory is that some male cultures are secure enough in their plundering and etc that they are happy to grant a comparatively large amount of power to their women. They lose nothing in their own eyes and it just proves how superior they are as a people. Some of the sagas lean in this direction.

There are plenty of other plunder-happy cultures where women don’t build up status even though the men are gone for months/years at a time. There needs to be something more within the culture that defines feminine nature in ways that make women having hard power socially acceptable.

Iceland is a pretty good modern example. The women run a lot of stuff, and the men are free to go do things like walk on lava in 24 hour shifts.

I started this post a while back in response to seeing someone comment about Scandinavian feminism in a way that really didn’t reflect much connection with the history and personality of the Scandinavian peoples.  T.W.O., being Nordic, has been dropping the knowledge about his people and it turns out to not really be quite lined up with either liberal or alt-right ideas of “Northern Europeans”.  Shocking, I know.