Obsession with physical virginity and purity is preChristian, not Christian

Historically, in American society, it’s led to a Gnostic denial of the importance of the body.  Separate from that problem, it leads to things like (WARNING VERY DISTURBING SEXUAL CONTENT CONCERNING CHILDREN AT THOSE LINKS) rampant sexual assault of young girls.  Christian sexual morality is unique.  This doesn’t mean non-Christian societies or subcultures don’t have sexual morality, but it does mean that it’s important to understand when traditional sexual mores are stemming from non-Christian or pre-Christian traditions vs. Christian traditions.

In fact, one problem American conservatives have is believing that only Christians have sexual morality.  This is very much not true.  It’s just very different than Christian sexual morality, which is grace-filled.


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    • It really depends on the religion and the region. Islam is a ready-to-hand example of non-Christian sexual morality. I had some stuff somewhere on Buddhist sexual mores, but I can’t find it. This blog post was basically a note to dig around for the information again and write it up more formally.

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