A Very Neoreactionary Christmas

If I had given the matter much thought, I’d have assumed that our friends in the neoreaction community spent Christmas time pretending to enjoy single malt scotch while burning a yule log and promising themselves that they’ll spend the next year sacrificing a horse to Thor and/or performing the blood eagle on an NPR listener.

How sad I was to find that instead of celebrating a tradition, or spending time with family, they decided to tweet each other about an old article I wrote a year ago about Bronies (who are kind of like Moldbug fans, but motivated to action by their fandom.)

Alas, it didn’t even provide a traffic boost.

But for them, it meant the lures of modernity were more important than even a tiny genuflection in the direction of hierarchy, proper authority and folk traditions of the West.  They went against all the stuff they are presumably into regarding tradition and family to jibberjab about some old post on a housewife’s blog.