Why the alternative right are the right wing’s poor urban blacks.

They kick it ghetto style, leaving women defenseless and whining about how white men need to come bail them out and give them jobs.

They promote what is essentially all the worst aspects of matriarchy (women have to generate most or all the income and also do all the housework and kinder care while they sit around getting into twitter and blog wars) with none of the benefits of existing in parallel with a wealthier patriarchal society next door (since they dunwanna do any of that responsibility and care of others stuff).

That they blame poor urban blacks for their inability to live in whatever loopy 1950s/1960s/1840s version of whitopia they’ve created in their minds is just bitterly funny projection.

Oh yeah, both groups also blame Jews for why they ain’t rich.

Usually at this point examples are demanded, but does anyone really want to see fifteen or thirty comment-links from Steve Sailer’s blog, Taki’s Mag, or Dalrock’s blog, to name just a few alt-right gathering spots? ¬†Probably not!



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