One thought on “Housewives can be socially productive

  1. I was thinking about making a brief post in this vein, and it’s not even what my blogs are about. A little shout-out to the hubs, thanking him for making the next couple of months possible. So thanks for putting this here so I can blog your comments instead. 😉

    Because I’m home, I can help BFF as she goes through cancer treatments. Pick up a little slack for her. I can run errands and cook for my mom when she gets a knee replacement. I can be there for backup, when my SIL has surgery. Extra time on my hands… so I am able to volunteer at church, partially as a mentor to younger women. If I weren’t a SAHM, I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things.

    These are tasks that are of value to my husband. You know, we two are one-flesh. So I figure if you’re thanking me for cooking a meal, maybe you should remember that I wouldn’t be able to do that if he didn’t have a job where I was able to stay home and DO that kind of thing. If one of us does something, we both do something, because we’re a team.

    There are tons of these little things that need doing in life – and this is why we need community.


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