Thai Lesbian is a search term, not an identity, Requires Hate/Benjanun Sriduangkaew edition

In Speculative Fiction Fandom, or SFF, there is an epic meltdown happening concerning a “Thai Lesbian” who was heavily promoted as an up and coming SFF writer.  It turns out this promising Thai Lesbian SFF writer was also a vitriolic, vicious, scatological blogger and tireless rebutter who ran a very popular and immensely rude speculative fiction review and critique blog.  And further, this person was a notorious troll on gaming and fan fiction forums for many years before starting the SFF review blog.

Now one might ask why I keep using that phrase instead of the usernames and publishing name associated with said Lesbian of Thai extraction.  It’s because that remains the primary knowledge social justice whisperer (hereafter SJW) SFF writers and fans have about this person.  I’ve looked (it’s a pretty deep, crazy rabbithole), and the professionals and wannabe professionals are willfully incurious about this person’s actual identity.

Good old petty bickering anon forums are here to help, the old standby of ye internets of yore.  On those forums random anons are discussing the actual background of this “Thai Lesbian” and it’s way more interesting than being told I’m supposed to like boring fiction because of who wrote it, except the people saying that literally refuse to view this person as anything but a search term.  The willful incuriosity of the SJWs is their secret weapon, not their relentless politicization of all aspects of life.  It takes a conscious effort to not learn who and what this Thai Lesbian really was, at least in terms of overall internet persona developed over 15 years of internetting.  Hint: This person was from Thailand, but since Thailand is a hugely diverse, politically complex country, that is utterly meaningless in terms of ethnic and cultural identity.

An example drawn from one of the many email-only interviews this Thai Lesbian did in its calm, cheery, up and coming writer gal persona:  The Thai Lesbian casually mentioned in one interview that she came from a specific region of Thailand that is notorious for being even more politically unstable and complicated than the rest of Thailand.  The interviewer, being quite willfully incurious, failed to even look the region up in wikipedia, as I did, because that would have led to some interesting questions about how one’s birthplace can inform one’s writing.  Instead the interview was pathetically bland, to a point where one couldn’t even make out what the topics of conversation were, because there weren’t any.  They just discussed the idea of having a writing process instead of, y’know, an actual writing process.

Also you are this surprised to learn that the Lesbian part went unremarked too, even though the ethnic groups in Thailand are extremely culturally conservative by SJW standards.

And you are also this surprised to learn that the SJWs are lamenting the crude and violent behavior of this persona while completely making up stuff about right-wing SFF writers, including declaring that they are still worse, because reasons.

As of this posting, the feeding frenzy is winding down for now, but the use of genuine abuse by a powerful individual towards less powerful individuals is still being used as a flimsy excuse to rant about the evil conservative SFF writers who are the real enemy.  Nothing has changed for the poor victims of this mean girl, except that they get to sit on the sidelines being mostly ignored.

I post this kind of curiosity because it’s an example of how leftists talk about important things but don’t care about them in practice.  The SJWs are right that where you come from and who you are inform your imagination.  My imagination is informed by my ruralness, my blackness, my Southern family history and my marriage to a Mountain Man who comes from a Scandinavian-influenced but uniquely American religious subculture.  The right wing folks laughing at this SJW dustup are missing an opportunity to subvert them because a lot of the right wing types are pulling out the old “I don’t see color”, “I treat everyone as an individual”, all that essentially pathological individualism which is itself uniquely American-cultural and hardly something shared round the world.  It’s so dangerous precisely because it cedes the ground of loving and practicing traditional living and honoring and respecting one’s ancestry and past to SJWs, who, as this fiasco reveals, just use talk about that to obsess over reducing people down to search terms and keyword-friendly phrases.

I’d like to see more conservatives talking seriously about identity and its importance.  It is important and we can’t keep letting the SJW types be the only ones who see its significance.  Because really, whatever madness this persona hath wrought, they are obviously much more than the search term being used to represent the totality of their online persona.  And so are the rest of us online and off.