Why this non-gaming Christian housewife supports #Gamergate

It’s pretty simple.  I am touched and invigorated by the idea that there are a bunch of people who really do think it’s possible to be ethical reporters regarding the world of video games.  That level of sincerity and earnestness is nice, and cynics need to stop acting like it’s a false front.  It is about ethics and honor, and that’s kind of wonderful.

I’m also not a fan of someone who created a passel of family-supporting jobs being slandered.  The guy running Stardock is both profitable and an asset to his local community and the broader business community.  He’s what I wish every conservative guy talking a big game about entrepreneurship should be and often isn’t.

And as someone who’s been burned by believing social justice types were serious about Doing For Self and Supporting Oppressed Communities, I am pro #Gamergate because they are confronting scam artists who rely on the good intentions hustle to get money and status.

And I also approve of people in a low status affinity group policing those who would claim to be acting like jerks on their behalf.  Which is way more than some affinity groups I can think of do.  I just wish they weren’t getting picked on so much and then told it’s their fault, the irony is head exploding.

Keep on trucking, #Gamergate!