Real Talk for SAHMs: SAHMs chatting online is (technically) traditional

Sometimes male people harangue housewives on the internet about being on the internet instead of scrubbing floors with a toothbrush, but in ye olde days, the housewives could just yap at each other while doing the various household chores.  For the women who weren’t servant-class in societies fancy enough to have servant classes, letter writing was a huge part of the day, complete with multiple deliveries of said letters each day.  Not all chit chat is gossip.  Women are garrulous and verbal by nature, they like to discuss.  Society has changed so that it’s much more difficult to stay home and chat with other women, but technology allows for a partial simulation of the traditional behavior.  The real thing is better, but women who can’t get to the real thing anytime soon shouldn’t be picked on for seeking out some semblance of normal female interaction as they go through their housewiving day.



4 thoughts on “Real Talk for SAHMs: SAHMs chatting online is (technically) traditional

  1. Stop girls chatting? Not that foolish.
    Besides, like fashion, it is quite pleasant to observe, provided I do not have to be part of it.


  2. You don’t think homemakers of the past didn’t hear it from their husbands about being overly chatty busibodies? Do you think husbands of the past didn’t hear about staying at Happy Hour too late with his buddies?


  3. DH couldn’t care less if I chat away. Actually I’m well known for my tendency to phone&dust. “I see you chatted w/Pagan Mom today…..”

    People who have a problem with that forget that the work that we do is largely repetitive and dull. I mean, how much thought does “hang this shirt on the line” take? Less than it takes to type it.

    Same goes for online buddies. I’m happy, he’s happy, and look! Dinner! 😉

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