Cool Dutch Housewife’s Blog

Maybe she’s not Dutch, but I’m just going off the language used for “Leave comments” and “Tuesday, September 15” and such.  In any case, her blog is really pretty neat and has all kinds of fascinating viewpoints.  It leaves me very optimistic to know that things aren’t quite so mad as they are for (particularly Christian and conservative) homemakers in America.

A good intro to some of her commentary on homemaking and general housewiving:

Her other tags are also worth checking out.  She covers some of the same topics regarding housewives that I do, but in a less…emotionally driven fashion.  Probably because her cultural milieu is quite different than how it is in America for the majority of housewives.

Anyway she is well worth reading because it is different outside America, very different and having more ordered perspectives on the whole topic of housewiving is always good.  I don’t remember how I found her blog, but it’s on the old blogroll now.