Why conservatives are losing and will continue to lose.

It’s the liberalism.  Liberalism is like inflation.  Everyone wants a little bit, but nobody wants the full hyperinflation enchilada.  Same with liberalism.  Everyone wants a little bit of liberalism, but nobody wants the full hard-left ultraliberal9000 enchilada.

A great example is conservative Christians regarding marriage and courtship.  You can find places where they talk a good game about wanting “real courtship” back, but when it comes down to having to listen to input of parents, grandparents, pastors, and other close family friends, suddenly anything the traditional gatekeepers of female virtue say is “liberal brainwashing” if it involves rejecting a Christian guy who wants to deflower  marry their daughter because she is very young and very pretty and very virginal and he’s known her six whole weeks.

What these “pro-courtship” Christians really want is a little bit of liberalism, enough that a man gets to just have whatever kind of bride he feels he deserves, but not so much that girls have lots of chances to stop being virgins before 21.  The family should regulate and protect her virtue, but not reject any horny guy who sets his cap at her as a result of their care and concern for her.

I could use no-fault divorce, or thirty year self-amortizing mortgages, or widespread nuclear family mobility, or more esoteric examples of liberalism like representative democracy.  But the story is always the same in (American) conservativeland–they talk about wanting traditional living and traditional social mores restored, but not at the expense of their little preferred slice of liberalism.  And since there is plenty of liberalism to go around, conservatives can’t win unless they do what they have never been willing to do en masse–stop playing the game and seriously weigh the costs and benefits of returning to traditional practices and mores.

It’s demoralizing, but it’s also true.


One thought on “Why conservatives are losing and will continue to lose.

  1. One contributing factor is feeling rudderless – not knowing how to return to which traditional ways of living, or even what they looked like (that is, prior to the start of our own memories or those of our parents).

    I’m hopeful your site will continue to throw some light on this.

    Areas I think are particularly opaque today:
    – domesticity / hired help
    – the balance between work and non-work
    – the balance between paid and unpaid work
    – properly ordered life goals e.g. family sizes, roles etc

    I’ve read books on the Amish to try to get ideas, but I’m struggling to come up with practical approaches. If only there were a manual for living more traditionally in today’s world…

    I don’t know how you imagine ‘winning’ playing out for conservatives who stop playing the liberal game? They are still going to have to exist in a liberal world, for the foreseeable future.


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