Regulations on cottage industries are anti-woman, and especially anti-mother

Male dominated cottage industries almost never have their regulations enforced. Enforcement only comes down on female-dominated cottage industries, which are further dominated by mothers trying to earn extra money without having to spend all day outside the home.

Take a little time and think about if you can ever recall an article about shade-tree mechanics being aggressively targeted and pushed out of business.  One can’t even find much in the way of such mechanics being harassed by HOA boards either.

But hair braiding, homemade foods, in-house sewing, and other small-scale cottage activities are routinely regulated and prosecuted with a strictness that is astonishing not least because it has nothing to do with safety, health or even tax revenue.

It does have more than a little to do with women who don’t like being in their homes wanting to keep other women from doing so. It also has more than a little to do with denying women any opportunity to be economically productive at home in an explicit way.

This even extends to the massive grey and black market of women providing under-market wage childcare and daycare, where the regulatory environment and political pressure is all arranged to promote center-based daycare as the only childcare option.  Of course that is some posts by itself, definitely.

The housewife doesn’t have to be a consumption good.  We could have domestic economy in a post-industrial society.


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