Comment policy change

It’s posted on one of the permanent pages, but people never read those on any blog, so I’m posting it here, where it will take a while to drift down the list.

Comments are open.  I turned off moderation for the rest of the calendar year because I basically find it tiring to make a decision about each comment.  I don’t have the energy for extended back and forth like I was hoping I might, so better to make posts when I have some writing energy and people can have their own back and forth if they want instead of waiting days or weeks for me to sit down and decide what to do with my five or eight or sixteen comments that have piled up.

The basic posting requirement is using a name and email, I think that’s how I’ve set it up.  If being logged in to wordpress/etc overrides that, maybe I’ll tweak it, but I also may not get around to that.  I also don’t want profanity or blasphemy, but admit I am not likely to read or respond to comments going forward for days or weeks.  So I am expecting the commenters I normally get to do as they’ve always done and any new commenters that might turn up to also follow that model.

So maybe this will give me more energy to empty out my very large draft queue.