5 reasons why it’s good (and traditional) for SAHMs to pay for housecleaning.

  1. Establishes a consistent and reliable baseline that suits your household.
  2. Helps train you, the SAHM, in the classic art of delegation. Delegating frees a SAHM up to do more complex organizational tasks and decorating to make the house more of a home.  Modelling specialization is healthy and a sign of civilization.
  3. Makes it easier to teach the children basics of housecleaning because you aren’t worn out from constant maintenance/fire-putting-out cleaning.  SAHMs who try to do it all have a much harder time raising children who have any experience with household chores.  The kids just get used to watching Mamma drudge through everything.
  4. Provides employment and builds community relations by keeping money in the community and by not being as strict an employer/employee setup, but something more casual and with the opportunity to build acquaintance and properly ordered mingling of social classes.
  5. Shows the children there are many ways to make a living that are respectable and decent paying and strikes a tiny but noticeable blow at the modern cult of the makework desk job as only “real” job.

3 thoughts on “5 reasons why it’s good (and traditional) for SAHMs to pay for housecleaning.

  1. I can’t argue with a single point you’ve made. In fact, my mother employed housekeepers all the time, particularly when we lived overseas. The only thing that needs to be worked in here is that children need to learn basic housekeeping skills – something which I think is best done by helping one’s mother (that’s how I learned). I have quite fond memories of following her around in my own apron with my own duster (granted, the house was pretty clean at that point, but you see what I mean). We can’t forget to pass on certain skills to our children, simply because we employ someone to do them for us. A surprising number of my daughters’ friends have very poor ironing skills because their parents drop all the shirts off at the laundry; we don’t have tons of ironing at my house, but I do insist that both girls develop a good degree of competence.


  2. I don’t think we could afford a housecleaner, I’ve been trying to think of a job I could do at home while being a SAHM. I’m thinking about giving piano lessons, my kids are old enough now that they could wouldn’t need attention during a piano lesson


  3. My next door neighbor runs a maid service. From all signs, she makes good money at it. I’m not letting her clean my house though, she already thinks I’m a crazy white girl. She cleans BFF’s MIL’s house though…. and I might see if I can get my mom to let her clean once a month. Mom’s eyes aren’t what they were.


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