Mindless defense of business interests doesn’t help conservatives


In this article about ridiculously high property taxes in Austin (excerpted or copy-pasted from a paywalled newspaper, it’s not entirely clear), the commenters are all lol liberalz iz dum, but don’t see that it’s commercial property owners who are milking the system to get Other People’s Money to pay for their services on the backs of single family homeowners.  This type of reflexive implicit defending of business interests doing the same thing environmental and social justice groups do in large cities is a big obstacle to conservatives having a shot at normal life.  Conservatives should actually be putting on their small government hats here and asking why it’s ok for commercial property owners to game the appraisal system to avoid millions in taxes.

Instead, every link I found referencing the original paywalled article was from a conservatively oriented site and consisted of laughing at the homeowner who was not really that silly.  SFHs should not be bearing disproportionate costs of local services at all, even if they vote for increased services.  Yes, I said it.  Even if someone votes for more taxes, they shouldn’t bear a disproportionate amount relative to their own property’s market value.  This is what’s going in Austin.  Commercial interests (developers and medium to large corporations) are skating by and paying taxes on a fraction of their market value and all these supposed conservatives can say is that “a woman is stupid, hahaha”.  A system where voting homeowners have 40% of the property but pay 60% of the taxes is not really a time to tribally laugh at liberals.  It’s time to maybe be serious and ask why property taxes seem to be a type of tax that routinely has this kind of death spiral and regulatory capture.

Conservatives also might pause to ask why Republicans are the ones pushing all those exceptions through in Austin, though the exceptions for commercial interests also happen in blue states and counties.   I also find the lack of concern for individual home owning citizens very telling coming from people who are generally fulsome in their praise of single family households.

ETA 6/4/14: the paywalled article got unlocked after the mainstream right wing (Hot Air, Instapundit and the like) got the tribal bit in their teeth and rushed to gloat collectively.  So that happened.


3 thoughts on “Mindless defense of business interests doesn’t help conservatives

  1. And if your only interaction with government is to vote for every new tax, then you should not be surprised if others have more interaction. Special deals for business? Vote out the people approving them. Run for office.


    • Many of those special deals are pushed through by unelected government employees. Voting or holding office is no solution or at least a very very minor part of an effective solution.


  2. “Mindless defense of business interests” basically summarizes the conservative movement’s marching orders these past 50 or so years.


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