Where the Christian manosphere and neoreaction could find wives.

It is a common lament in the internet spheres listed above that there is a distinct shortage of 19 year old virgins with large breasts, slim waists and a surplus of homemaking skills who desire nothing more in life than to have two babies a year while homeschooling, cooking and cleaning for the ever-growing family in a moldy trailer on 29k a year from her “patriarch” or “alpha” or “alpha patriarch”.  Numerous reasons are given for this horrible shortage that never existed before 1963.

But the interesting thing is that there is a giant pool of women who are content with such a disordered, broken understanding of family and patriarchy.  These women tend to be associated with things like the former Vision Forum, the recently disgraced Bill Gothard, and the movement known as “Quiverfull”.  The question is, why aren’t all these men who spend weeks at a time in comment threads on various blogs complaining about how there’s too many “Churchian” women joining one of those legalistic, explicitly male-dominant Christian subcultures and wifing up one of the 10-15 daughters a lot of those people have?

I am definitely not saying the subcultures listed above are healthy, Biblically sound, or very good places for women, children or even the men wielding power improperly over their individual families.  But they do have a ton of young virgin girls who have never known anything else and who have been raised to expect to marry and do all the SAHM Superwife things for decades on end, often without any support or adult company outside of church meetings.  Can’t guarantee the large breasts, though.

While the subcultures in question are numerically small, there are more of them than there are unmarried men in the internet spheres above seeking that elusive double-D virgin Superwife.  So all those guys could be married to such a creature if they truly desired such a thing, there are still ample supplies, despite the recent scandals in some of the subcultures.

And yet, they aren’t.  Funny, that.


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  1. Excellent point.
    Most of these men aren’t very familiar with these circles because the circles are mostly run by the parents of these women and that is a very different peer group than the one that most unmarried, young men. Parents in homeschooling and child raising forums don’t often have much in common with young bachelors, so they don’t travel in the same circles.
    However, if you’d like to direct some of us to the circles that those parents travel, then it would be much appreciated.


  2. Great post! I have mentioned this very thing in comments, thinking these guys might start trolling SAHD blogs, of which there are many. I was just following the blog of a family whose SAHD recently married a man she met through her blog, so it happens.

    At one time I was also very enamored with Vision Forum/ATI etc, as they have such a perfect appearance. But I have come to note, especially through the latest scandals, that some of their beliefs are very skewed Biblically. Some of their beliefs don’t seem to be in keeping with the Spirit of Christ.

    At any rate, I would consider that men who aren’t brought up in those subcultures would not want to marry into them, because they would have to submit to a courtship process and be submitted to the beliefs of the group. There is a lot of “dating Dad” that goes on there; also, the girls are possibly more prudish about sex (at least in the manosphere’s eyes).



  3. Good point. Though both the manosphere and the stay at home daughter sub-cultures are small, there are more than enough people in each to meet the needs of the other. But the reliance upon game as the primary means of attracting and holding a spouse would seem to be at odds with the views of the stay at home daughter camps.


    • I don’t think Unreal Woman was wishing manospherian men on them. On the contrary, she is pointing out the discrepancy between their desires and philosophies in terms of the women they find desirable, all while they of course don’t go to the spheres to find these women.

      The manospherians aren’t pursuing these women and we know why.

      IIRC, at a manosphere blog there were commenters who said Christian fathers should be okay with having their 18 year old daughters end up with 35 year old men. First of all, what decent Christian father in his right mind would allow his 16 year old daughter to be courted by a man well into his 30’s (unless he knew the man VERY VERY well)? Even if this wasn’t a problem, these fathers aren’t going to deal with manospherian BS about dating and if they want to marry these daughters, they need to play by the father’s book. The manospherian men want to play by their rules, and I don’t think they particularly care about being Christian.

      I am not saying women marrying much older men doesn’t happen, but who is going to allow someone who is still a child to be married off to a grown man? Even if we look at historical patterns, it was mostly the aristocracy who had such wide age gaps and while women have typically been younger than their husbands, the age gap has not been more than 10 years as a norm.

      These men want fantasy women who only exist in MMORPGs. Let me be very frank here; these men don’t want wives, they want women for sex and women who will cater to them. they care not for tradition, history, or paterfamilias.


  4. Well, I imagine there are many reasons embittered red pillers aren’t seeking wives in such places.

    But one possible reason many would prefer to seek overseas for a submissive wife rather than domestically is because it would be very hard to separate a SAHD from her family and community, meaning that her husband could never expect to exert complete control over her, her family would be there to intervene/interfere. Because while those cults/organizations are heavily patriarchal, they are not necessarily misogynistic, women may be allotted limited roles, but they are respected within them. Yet, throughout the manosphere I frequently see utter contempt for women, with SAHMs regarded as leeches and women in general regarded as less than human. Would any loving father see his daughter marry such a man? On the other hand a young woman who has voluntarily left her country and all her family and friends behind, and who may not even speak English would be far more isolated and dependent upon her husband, and forced to live by his rules of supremacy.

    Or am I just being really cynical?


    • Well, these subcultures are often not as explicitly patriarchal as what you’re laying out. They tend more towards disorder, severe overwork of the women and quite a bit of isolation of individual families. Having said that, it is true that it’s not likely you can ‘date your way to marriage’ in those subcultures.

      The Christian-identifying manosphere and neoreaction have somewhat different, but equally inaccurate and unhealthy views on SAHMs than what you’ve described of the secular manosphere. The secular guys have that leech-view, certainly seen that posted. But not so much the ones who identify as Christians or sympathetic to Christians. To my knowledge, they mostly aren’t into the foreign-bride deal, they just want a perfectly formed, perfectly sexually ravenous, perfectly Proverbs 31 at age 21 Christian bride.


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