If your wife can’t stay home without generating income, she needs real work, not a blog or pyramid scheme

The title says it all.  Blame pregnancy brain for this placeholder of a post.  I shall return this one day when I’m a little less gum-brained, but I wanted to post a little at least about what I mean in the title.

To be blunt, if your wife has to make money while she’s at home or else you all have big financial problems and she can’t get a job outside the home for whatever reasons, then she needs to do something real for money.

Too many housewives who have to be economically viable beyond canning and couponing get caught up in the pursuit of professionalism in their work-at-home endeavors.  So they turn to monetized blogs and pyramid schemes because you “join networks” and “build inventory” and sometimes get to wear a business suit or go to a conference.  Such things are just traps, sucking money out of families that really need every dollar and further devaluing the actual work at home they could be doing for money.

Seamstress, egg lady, taking in other children, cooking for working parents, taking in hand washing: these are just a few of the real, normal, historical things housewives have done for money that can still be done even in isolated exurbs.  Mostly they don’t have corrosive and ongoing costs that are difficult to break out of and they scale up or down to individual families and the strengths of individual women.

There are other options beyond these, but the common theme is slightly more than what is done for one’s family, just enough excess to sell for a moderate profit.  Maybe not a “real job” where you sit at a desk and have meetings about synergy all day, but real work that is useful to one’s local community and one’s real bottom line.


One thought on “If your wife can’t stay home without generating income, she needs real work, not a blog or pyramid scheme

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    This post leaped out at me today as I was surfing (and to be honest, avoiding the housework actually…). Our financial situation has changed drastically over the last few years to the extent that we are now completely dependent on benefits and I absolutely hate it. I have been wondering for months what I could do or how I could help to get us back on our feet. Additionally I have been dreaming (literally) about my job. I haven’t worked outside the home now for maybe 15 years, but I often dream about the work I used to do and I confess, I really miss it. I miss the office, I miss dressing up for work, I miss the social side, I even miss commuting. But there’s no going back – for various reasons, working outside the home is just a non-option for me. I need to find an alternative. So what do you think, is this post reasonable in its assertion that WAHMs need proper work? What to you actually constitutes proper work, and are blogs or pyramid schemes or selling franchises like Usborne or Pampered Chef not even worth looking at?


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