Understanding why the manosphere is full of conventionally attractive black women

This is one of those little curiosities that seem like nothing much but reveal some unsettling things about where people feel they have to go to find pieces of normal life, however confused, distorted and (sometimes wildly) inaccurate.

The manosphere is full of black women who are conventionally attractive.  They are probably around their representation in the general American population (so about 3%, as they can’t all be pretty).  They are noticeably more attractive on average than the white women who make up the majority of women hanging around in the manosphere, but this is of course selection bias.

I had wondered WHY MY GOODNESS WHYYYYYYY and then I understood.

Black women can’t be conservative politically and interested in non-dowdy expressions of femininity.  They can pick one, but not both.  Conservatives want their black women dowdy and unfashionable and everyone else wants them politically and socially liberal.  Except in the silly old manosphere.  There a black woman can fight the dowdy within and also be politically conservative. And this is exactly what you see.  You see a bunch of black women who like being feminine and frilly and soft, but who are politically and socially conservative.

We gotta find a new place for these dames to hang out, stat.

Regular conservatives could help out by just not flipping out about black women wanting to look some way other than dowdy or granola-crunchy.


4 thoughts on “Understanding why the manosphere is full of conventionally attractive black women

  1. Why thank you…I think, LOL.

    But seriously, this is interesting Lady. I never really made the connection about conservatives preferring us in a less feminine presentation. I always noticed however, that being in any way the antithesis of the *strong independent black woman who don’t need no man* will find you on the outside looking in..and quickly.


  2. I’m going to have to agree with Elspeth. Black women who don’t feed the “strong independent black woman who don’t need no man” are somewhat of a social outcast from other black women. These same black women then flood to the manosphere. But honestly, coming a from a black women, I found the manosphere through sunshinemary, when I was researching on femininity.


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  4. Thought about this post today as I’ve become increasingly convinced that the experiences and motivations between white women and men and black women and men have been so different in the past 60 years especially, that I don’t think the manosphere serves to enlighten regarding issues within the black community.

    Even the “strong independent black woman” type is a very simplistic image that I think generally serves to shoehorn black women’s experiences into the broader narrative of white feminism when in reality the causes and motives are entirely different.

    Most generally, I do think that black women in particular struggle to exist in any mode of being outside of a pre-defined role that others need to see black women in, whether that be the Mammy, the Jezebel, the Sassy Sista, etc. So I agree that the manosphere is probably drawing black women who don’t see themselves in those types. I would just add that many if not most black women outside the ‘sphere don’t necessarily fit into those types either, regardless of continually being *interpreted* as such.


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