I am a normal woman, not anti-feminist, not Red Pill, just normal

An increasing number of women who sympathize with a few pieces of what used to be normal living prefer to identify themselves in opposition to the current mainstream view of women.  In modern American society, feminism works very hard to pretend it’s normal when it never has been and can’t be.  Thus, identifying as “anti-feminist” is simply accepting the false claim feminists lay to being the normal ones.

Likewise, the idea of being a “Red Pill” woman who’s learned some sekrit knowledge about how those wacky dames really are is again playing the game by liberal rules.

That’s just silly.  Normal women aren’t feminists and the whole blue pill/red pill stuff is also nerdier than most women ever get.  The Matrix was not a very good movie and its metaphor of taking red pills and blue pills isn’t that deep either.

I’m interested in normal life, and living it, and helping other people find the tools and support to live it as well.  I’m not interested in the idea that respecting your husband is abnormal.  It’s not.  Having a feminine sphere of activity that is located in the home, not cubicleland isn’t abnormal either.  

Feminists have always, in every incarnation historically and currently, not been normal women.  So being anti-feminist just means…being a normal lady.  And that’s why I use normal so much on this blog.  I’m normal, and most people called conservative these days are too, or desire greatly to be.  It’s ok.  We don’t have to define ourselves in opposition to the deviators from normalcy.  That’s their trip and they are free to take it any old time.

I’ll just continue calling my way of life what it is (normal) and normally raise my normal kids and my normal cabbages to the best of my family’s and communities’ capabilities.


4 thoughts on “I am a normal woman, not anti-feminist, not Red Pill, just normal

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  2. I find your thoughts so interesting because they are similar to what I’ve been noticing for the last several years but haven’t been able to articulate it quite as well as you do. This particular post about being just a normal woman brought to mind my increasing annoyance with the title of stay-at-home mom. Before the tide of women populating the workforce as they do now, normal women didn’t have to identify themselves as to what kind of mom they were, working or stay at home. I suppose homemaker was how they identified themselves and as old-fashioned as that sounds, I’ve always liked the term. I think it’s because I recognize the multiple skills in which at least a basic knowledge is required to do the job and also over time, becoming proficient or advanced in at least a few. However, because those skills are devalued in our society, for many women there is a kind of embarrassment in admitting that homemaking is “what you do”.

    Frankly, SAHM implies an even fewer number of skills but in our child-focused culture that is the only reason that gives any legitimacy to not working outside the home for a paycheck.
    SAHM seems like just another way to “identify themselves in opposition to the current mainstream view of women.” In other words, it’s a term that came about in reaction to women choosing to work outside the home for pay for personal fulfillment and wanting to “have it all” by raising a family at the same time.

    I wish there was a term in use for us SAHM’s that truly reflects that we are normal women doing what normal women do. I’m stumped for an answer.


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