Seek good government, not small government

Conservatives are very obviously known for the idea that any government run anything is inefficient/stupid/low quality/etc.  This is one of the reasons their institutions were co-opted by leftists and liberal-friendly people.

What’s wrong with expecting your civil service and civil servants to do their jobs and do them well, and to expect from them useful services that suit your community (the Catholics call it subsidiarity)?

Of course if you start from the premise that there is nothing government at any level can do right, you’ll lose local control and state control and federal control altogether.  We’re seeing the flipside, that if government must do everything that only central control is acceptable.  Let’s try for the former.  Local, helpful, practical governance and demanding accountability from the civil servants.  They may not be able to be fired, but there are things that can be done to get them to stop interfering with people’s ability to earn a living and have a normal life.

Nation of laws, not nation of regulations.