Consider the new/young mother in meal planning

Ah, meal planning, a staple of the conservative-leaning frugal housewife.  I could just make this post a link roundup of the various strategies out there, but that is not so practical for my target in this post, the young and/or new stay at home mother.  Such SAHMs are ill-served by the defaults that are part of the typical meal planning post.  I’ll list the necessary adjustments.

Firstly, go-to meals should be minimal.  Not ten simple fallback recipes, not even five.  Three.  Three easy meals.  That’s it.  A lot of women who come home after the first child are not getting the benefit of being raised in traditionally conservative households.  Expecting them to have ten or even twenty default meals is one of the reasons women are very reluctant to stay home.

Second, meals need to consider the reality of cooking in the 21st century.  Many SAHMs are, as I’ve noted, not coming from home-cooked meals every night backgrounds.  Many of them face massive learning curves.  Advice that worked with that reality instead of the assumption that any SAHM can cook it all from scratch would be immensely helpful and prevent burnout and meltdowns over not being able to do three homecooked meals per day from, well, nothing.

Lastly, these are women having little babies.  People need to be there for them, bringing already-cooked meals, helping out around the house and generally just supporting the woman at home with a new little baby by actually doing so and not just talking about it on television or before an election.  They can learn the skills to have twenty go-to meals in a few years.  Right now they just need someone coming by regularly and assurance that it is in fact fine to eat omelettes most days of the week if that’s what you can cook.


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  1. Burritos. If you have canned refried beans, some cheese, good salsa, sour cream and good tortillas on hand… you brown some ground beef, season it, and eat. When I worked long hours, we ate burritos at least once a week!


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