Don’t let low-meat be high status

Some quick points:

Post industrialism brought a hard-hitting gnosticism to dietary practices for women.  There had previously been here and there some saints advocating away from meat, but nothing like the full-court press of the Seventh Day Adventists.  These heretics brought us breakfast cereal, the hearthealthywholegrains thing, and the beginnings of what eventually turned into vegan domination of what is nutritious, healthy and high-status.  The link above offers some densely written, reference-heavy dot-connecting on the Adventists and how the modern New Age vegan is just a hanger-on to the recent idea of meat as low-status.

This is where the whole “gotta eat lots of fruits and vegetables” and “diverse diet” yipyap comes from.  Conservatives don’t need the pseudo rationalizations of paleo to justify eating meat (this is why it’s so popular with conservatives, it’s ‘science’, so that makes up for doing the low-status thing of eating naughty naughty meat).  Meat is delicious!  Diverse diets are only necessary if you are a strict vegetarian, because you have no robustness to fall back on.

There’s nothing wrong with eating bread and stuff, it’s just that a startling amount of the whole conservative obsession with home-baked bread and fruits/vegetables on a budget and open denial/minimization of meat in the diet are due to frugality-obsessed conservative women aping what they think are higher status food habits.

There’s also the separate issue of women buying into the crazy idea that meat is masculine.  It’s not.  Women eating meat is not any less unfeminine than women being able to carry their own babies and children for hours a day (an extended feat of endurance and moderate physical strength and one variation of traditional female behavior).

The status issues around meat are another example in the endless parade of liberals being the ones to define health and high status food and conservatives just going right along because they view liberal ideas as higher status than conservative ones.