Admit that high spirits and energy are blessings, not defaults

This is related to the Supermom thing.  There are some women out there with a rare combination of circumstances that allows them to do most of the SuperSAHM items that weight most greatly on the current generation of weary SAHMs.  They can manage three or four kids on their own, clean the house in between the naps and everyone sits still or plays quietly as needed for cooking and school and administrative tasks, etc.  And all the kids sleep 14-16 hours a day until age 7.

But circumstances change and the pressure to perform leads such women to think their blessings of high energy and children with personalities that mesh with their home life setup are just ‘how it is’, something to take for granted and not something that might have to be stewarded.  How could such a woman who ‘doesn’t understand why anyone would want help, you just xyz’ get help if her latest pregnancy, or latest infant is now difficult?

Also, such women’s blessings are squandered all too often in makework projects instead of real Titus 2 support precisely because of the idea that it’s normal to have that much energy and organizational skill.

It’s a blessing, a wonderful opportunity and gift, but it’s not the default setting.

I will definitely circle back to this one, it’s on the old mind quite a bit.


2 thoughts on “Admit that high spirits and energy are blessings, not defaults

  1. Our house is often mess and I don’t do crafts. We are also extremely lonely. I wish we had more “mom friends”


  2. I’ve often thought about this. I do think that some women simply can get more done in a day than others by virtue of different personalities and energy levels. Some people naturally “get” how to multitask and be efficient in what they’re doing. Some are naturally organized and keep their space orderly without having to think about it. Others, less so… In college, I stayed with a professor couple and I saw firsthand how easily the home stayed clean and there was a meal on the table every evening without much effort. With small kids, it would have been more of a challenge, but I don’t think they had problems when their kids were little, either.


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