How homeschooling could be more effective and practical in application

Co-ops could be structured more effectively.

Paid staff are important.

Merry bands of roving tutors!

Specialization!  This is why you need merry bands of roving tutors. And also household services for homeschooling SAHMs.  Business opportunity!  Way to employ single mothers and older women!

Basically, stop expecting women to do five jobs poorly and then boast about how this will be a way to retake society.  Not gonna happen.  Early homeschool successes and stories were the result of massive selection bias and in a number of instances outright lying.  Many of the people promoting homeschooling via their popular monetized blogs have household help and private tutors for some subjects.  But Americans are obsessed with a Walter Mitty worldview where it really is possible in a single 24 hour day to homeschool effectively, clean a 2000 square foot house, cook three full gourmet meals and pay all the bills and do four loads of laundry a day.

So there’s the biggest way homeschooling could be more effective and practical– stop freaking buying into the SuperMom Myth.  You can’t do it all and it is ridiculous to even contemplate.  Do one thing well and truly.  Outsource the rest within your local community.


4 thoughts on “How homeschooling could be more effective and practical in application

  1. We use a charter school, it gives us all the curricula and I just have to see that things get done, untie the tangles etc. More or less homework all the time, no class.

    I am very grateful to have my parents (both retired college instructors) around to help me with teaching the kids! I do the feet-on-the-ground thing, but they are great to untangle problems as they come up and give me direction.

    I always wanted to HS, but I’ll say that if the public schools around here hadn’t been failing our kids, it wouldn’t have happened. Unfortunately… they are. 😦 And the local private school of best repute is more expensive than college.


    • I look at the private school prices and think “that’s how much a trip to Europe would cost”. Europe-private school? Europe-private school? I think Europe might make a better education if you have the money.


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