Light Manufacturing of Baby and Children’s Products

Conservatives could be producing pre-2012 BOB-quality strollers.  BOB is a high-quality brand of stroller that used to be metal framed, but is now plastic (but the price didn’t drop!)  I am pretty sure the CPSIA issues could be handled a number of ways, but the main thing is to actually be doing.  This could also be a way to incorporate the more functional aspects of the maker movement.  3D printing is useful for baby stuff like snot suckers and sippy straws that don’t fall apart from being made of cheap brittle plastic.

A quick note about the CPSIA.  This was a horrible set of regulations passed several years ago that has driven a lot of high-quality makers of children’s products out of business and wrecked the quality of many others.  This has been a heavy burden because a great deal of destructive testing is required and most of the useful exceptions are for the Chinese-produced goods that led to the legislation in the first place.  Many conservatives blogged about the issue and were able to lightly dent the problematic nature of the regulations in small, but non-trivial ways.

Anyway, despite the CPSIA, the opportunities are still there, just require some thoughtful planning and wargaming.