Bring back actual domestic engineering

Instead of having it be a sad joke to make SAHMs feel better about how low they are in status in modern society, conservatives could just pull all the old references about domestic efficiency and optimization and update them for life with dishwashers and iPads.  The lady-wife behind “Cheaper by the Dozen” was a groundbreaking engineer of the domestic, her entire life story is quite fascinating and an example of the memoryholing of women’s lives before Second Wave feminism.

There was much information that is not lost, but not accessed much about how to not overwork oneself or one’s household in performing domestic tasks, including after the industrial revolution’s labor-shifting devices were introduced.  There is already some “how to manage with dishwashers” domestic information out there.  The work of developing a corpus of the domestic is a wonderful use of the time of older conservative women, instead of silliness like starting the very wrongest kind of Tea Party.


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