Abandon the Creeping Ayn Rand-ism

Basically, the instrumentalism of conservatives is maddening.  It is the case that there is much that is more valuable than rubies, and those small sweetnesses of life are sneered at by conservatives all too often because they don’t monetize well.  There really is a fixation on cash value for existing that I have certainly felt the bitter pull of, and it’s rampant in conservative circles.

A prime example is the cult of self-sufficiency/prepping, with its blissful disregard for the importance of community and infrastructure that make it possible to purchase barrels of wheat berries and ten thousand rounds of ammo for five different kinds of huntin’ gun.

Another example is the refusal to specialize, ironic given Rand’s heroes and heroines.  Or the push to get into “home-based” businesses that are pathetically obvious MLM scams.

Don’t get me wrong, the flipside, hiding one’s greed whilst claiming you are above money and petty worries about making rent has plenty of damaging aspects (like discouraging profitable investment and safe returns above 1% per annum), but at least there is a path to not requiring every aspect of life to be “productive” as in “makes that $$$$” if you go that route.  There is some room for things which don’t obviously monetize.





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