The futility of reasoning from first principles

It’s utterly silly to endlessly deconstruct liberal precepts.  They are dissemblers and dishonest, leave it at that and use your own emotional gambits and actual history.  Liberals won’t accept all the facts, but they do reach a point where if it’s incontestable, they’ll shut up.  So there is no need to weedhead around (and that is just what it is, college bolsheviking sessions) recasting first principles.

The last broadly influential classically educated individual in the West was Mary Daly.  Interestingly, this is partly why there is some continuity of tradition in radical feminism despite their distinctly non-traditional views of male and female roles.

Reasoning from first principles chronically and insisting that it must be done to effectively rebut liberal precepts means you are doing worse at maintaining links to traditional ways of thinking and living than radical lesbian separatist feminists.