Homeschooling is not a cure-all for education of children

Stop declaring homeschooling the cure for all educational ills.  Make money and start proper academies.  And if you haven’t the chops to be Mr. Bingley’s grandfather, accept your proper place and stop acting like an authority.

And the core sadness of it all is that conservatives promoting this (those who aren’t con artists profiting by selling poor quality curricula) remain liberal, deracinated and atomistic, unable to think of the world in terms larger than their individual efforts or their individual family’s efforts.  Thus, homeschooling is the cure for the destruction of the neighborhood school because a few individual homeschool families got their kids into Ivy League colleges.  The idea that this is a measure of success that only a SWPL could love never enters into their heads.  For pity’s sake, one can’t complain about liberals and then desperately seek to become part of their turf and sneer at any other alternative.  College has never been for all, full, active good lives were had and can still be had without being on the SWPLtastic college treadmill, homeschool edition.  But it would mean accepting hierarchy, true authority and real order.  And it would mean accepting being lower on the totem rather than higher for many of the lower middle types promoting homeschool as the cure for all ills.


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling is not a cure-all for education of children

  1. I’m loving this blog, Lady. So much I am sending you some traffic, even though you hit me right where I live on more than one occasion the past few days. But it’s good for me. Thanks for digging deeper.


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