Night nurses for postpartum SAHMS

It would be immensely helpful for conservatives to look within their local communities for older women who could provide what used to be fairly traditional night nursing for women with fresh newborns.  Night nursing means being available to sooth a baby by being awake between midnight and about 6am so a mother can be relatively to decently rested.  Hiring such a woman is not cheap, but older women who are already awake at 4am are still around, it is just a matter of encouraging them to offer this support, either explicitly with money or implicitly via social pressure.

The helpfulness lies in the fact that it is truly cruel to ask women to stay home with closely spaced children without devising some schemes of support for the most arduous immediate periods, such as the first early months after a new child is born.  Women staying home with they kids are the backbone of conservative life and the current norm of handwaving the social support they need from other women is crippling their families at the individual level and conservative re-norming at the societal level.

By bothering to recognize the essential importance of night nurses, there’d be more of them, and it’s not like conservatives haven’t got the money.  Instead of buying the latest nostrums from horrible con artists, they could buy the services of some nice older woman.  Win-win!