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An example of where the Bureaucrat Wiki would sure come in handy (graphic content warning in link)

Someone who took the time to find out which employees are doing these things (they are listed in a search-only directory, it would require Nerd Power to do online-only, some phone calls to the Denver EPA office otherwise) would be doing a pretty impressive job of setting up a means to demand accountability from government … Continue reading

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Cool Dutch Housewife’s Blog Maybe she’s not Dutch, but I’m just going off the language used for “Leave comments” and “Tuesday, September 15″ and such.  In any case, her blog is really pretty neat and has all kinds of fascinating viewpoints.  It leaves me very optimistic to know that things aren’t quite so mad as they are for … Continue reading

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Having 10 or more kids is fertility depressing, not enhancing.

What a lot of conservative men have massive cluelessness about is how having babies impacts women and can actually inhibit fertility multigenerationally.  Ok, so you wanna outbreed those dastardly liberals.  The way to do that is not by having wives produce a dozen kids.  They aren’t really cheaper by the dozen. Once you’re in double … Continue reading

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The sharing economy is about replicating the ghetto economy but with higher status

It’s a way for SWPLs to copy the ecology of urban poor blacks with their complex networks of favors that make it very hard to get up and out (i.e. leave the ghetto and achieve the markers of whitish middle class consumption-based success) without losing their precious status points that are what they trade in … Continue reading

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When Christians step on SAHMs to impress the world

This the flipside of my fiskpost.  The Christians in question (at least people identifying as such) are people making posts and blogs around Calvinistic and evangelical parts of the internet about leaving a particular “misogynist” and “abusive” megachurch.  I can’t fisk any of the numerous examples because it would just make me cry too hard … Continue reading

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Lindsay’s unhistorical logic, or fisking some typical conservative dismissals of the domestic sphere

Fisking is a fine old internet tradition and this is a pretty good example of the kind of conservative polemic that actually dismisses the domestic sphere it claims to promote. So the post (most of it) follows below, with my interpolations to the post and a few remarks on the comments. The Vital Importance of … Continue reading