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Why this non-gaming Christian housewife supports #Gamergate

It’s pretty simple.  I am touched and invigorated by the idea that there are a bunch of people who really do think it’s possible to be ethical reporters regarding the world of video games.  That level of sincerity and earnestness is nice, and cynics need to stop acting like it’s a false front.  It is … Continue reading

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Most women don’t like bad boys.

I know, I know, I haven’t got manly manparts flapping in the breeze to serve as “data”, but I do, for good or ill, have over a decade of plain old life experience with a wide sampling of mostly American women and a modest number of non-American women.  They’ve been conservative, they’ve been liberal, they’ve … Continue reading

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Real Talk for SAHMs: SAHMs chatting online is (technically) traditional

Sometimes male people harangue housewives on the internet about being on the internet instead of scrubbing floors with a toothbrush, but in ye olde days, the housewives could just yap at each other while doing the various household chores.  For the women who weren’t servant-class in societies fancy enough to have servant classes, letter writing was … Continue reading

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Practical Definitions: Sustainable Natalism

Natalism in the common parlance usually refers to government policies designed to make people want to have children.  Practically speaking, that puts the cart before the horse.  I favor natalism that starts with social norms and then is reflected in government policies. Sustainable natalism is arranging society so that children are acceptable parts of the public … Continue reading

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Real Talk for SAHMs: Homeschooling promotion vs. homeschool reality

It’s presented as easy to jump into, especially by conservative men talking out of their hats, but there are numerous obstacles and regional barriers.  A few of the more common ones are listed below.  Actually, this should be an ongoing series, with each one its own post.  A project for another time.  For now here’s … Continue reading

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Interracial marriage is traditional

Exogamy, or marrying outside your ethnic group, is traditional and normal.  The part that isn’t would be promoting out-marriage as better or more moral than marrying someone who could be your (close) cousin but isn’t.  That kind of promotion is new and silly and the result is a pushback among some conservatives towards claiming that … Continue reading