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Real Talk for SAHMs, Honest DITL edition

A Day in the Life, or DITL, is a cutesy internet phenomenon where people post the events of their day in timestamped fashion, often illustrated with pictures.  It is very common in the parts of the internets where “mommies” blog. This has been sitting in the hopper for about a year because I keep trying … Continue reading

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Notes on Letters from a Woman Homesteader

So I got diverted from my original 2014 reading list by yet another bit of old writing that doesn’t quite match up to the myths around frontier and pioneer folks. It’s some letters a homesteading woman from about 100 years ago wrote to a former employer she’d maintained cordial relations with.  She’d worked for the employer … Continue reading

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Biblical Theocracy

A book review from The White Oppressor T.W.O. It was June 5th 1989, less than thirty-six hours after the historic “Beijing massacre”, when the People’s Army complied with the Chinese government’s order to roll the tanks down the Avenue of Eternal Peace and through Tiananmen Square, to clear all debris from the nation’s political heart, … Continue reading

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Response to a standard liberal criticism of conservatives living communally

Basically this extremely liberal, somewhat random blogger seems to think that I am a utopianist who thinks there is only one way to traditionally live.  Given the general tenor of my blog, this is pretty comical.  There’s also bonus exaggeration for effect by a commenter, to the effect that any small rural village is incestuous(?!). … Continue reading

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Why the alternative right are the right wing’s poor urban blacks.

They kick it ghetto style, leaving women defenseless and whining about how white men need to come bail them out and give them jobs. They promote what is essentially all the worst aspects of matriarchy (women have to generate most or all the income and also do all the housework and kinder care while they … Continue reading

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A conservative own goals on breastfeeding

This conservative is missing the real problems (conservative) women face regarding the choice to breastfeed.  What he is linking to is an article and photo shoot that presents an aggressive, sexualized model of breastfeeding, and it’s a real problem that secular magazines are big fans of that sort of thing. But instead of some discourse on that, … Continue reading

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The girls who get thrown away

Though it seems inconceivable to many men, there are sometimes women who simply aren’t expected to marry and yet ultimately do.  One of the reasons “nice girls” or “Christian girls” or “nice Christian girls” have a hard time getting married is that some of them were thrown away by their subculture.  They were never expected … Continue reading