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The anti-natalism of primary c-sections.

About a third of all deliveries in America are c-sections, and a majority of those are primary c-sections.  The anti-natalism isn’t in women having c-sections so much as the pressure for women to accept a primary c-section.  This wouldn’t be possible without the subtext that women shouldn’t have more than two children, three at most, … Continue reading

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Practical Definitions: Conservatives and Multi-Level Marketing aka MLM

MLM is short for “Multi-Level Marketing“.  This is a form of sales in which the majority of the income is earned by signing other people up and receiving a portion of their sales (and the sales of those they sign up).  This is a variation of a pyramid scheme.  Conservatives tend to fall prey to MLM … Continue reading

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Why grocery delivery is natalist

Conservatives into affordable family formation should support things like grocery delivery because given that America is so car-centric, SAHM isolation and car seat laws make it much more prohibitive to have more than 2 kids otherwise.  Grocery delivery is still a staple in parts of the country that are not quite as anti-natal as is … Continue reading

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With women’s hair appeal for men, length is just the beginning and curls rule

Vox Day hops back on the hair length saddle. The whole discussion is pretty much a collision of ignoring huge amounts of the population and normalizing crazy expectations for women.  If you don’t have thick straight hair naturally, the hair length discussion is of necessity a more complex topic for you.  And in America, that … Continue reading

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A surprising example of women choosing money over status, childcare edition.

There is a strange local phenomenon where I live (whitopia) in which women working desk jobs are taking lower pay and fewer hours than those jobs paid and provided during the housing bubble and even through the crash, while women offering nanny or babysitting services are asking for higher wages and more hours, and getting them. … Continue reading

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An example of where the Bureaucrat Wiki would sure come in handy (graphic content warning in link)

Someone who took the time to find out which employees are doing these things (they are listed in a search-only directory, it would require Nerd Power to do online-only, some phone calls to the Denver EPA office otherwise) would be doing a pretty impressive job of setting up a means to demand accountability from government … Continue reading

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Cool Dutch Housewife’s Blog Maybe she’s not Dutch, but I’m just going off the language used for “Leave comments” and “Tuesday, September 15″ and such.  In any case, her blog is really pretty neat and has all kinds of fascinating viewpoints.  It leaves me very optimistic to know that things aren’t quite so mad as they are for … Continue reading